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Invest in Ukraine - Is it a Good Place to Invest?

If you are looking to invest in Ukraine, you may be wondering if this country is a good choice for you. The answer is yes! Investing in Ukraine is a great opportunity for those who wish to invest their money in a stable country with attractive investment conditions. Ukraine is a good place to invest because of its strong economy, low taxes, and excellent quality of life. In addition, you will find many foreign investors that are attracted by its investment opportunities. To learn more please visit renewable energy investment opportunities.

Investment opportunities

If you're looking to invest in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is a great country to consider. Its economy is growing rapidly and is the second largest in the region after Russia. In addition to its many natural resources, the country also has excellent conditions for developing hydropower infrastructure. Hydropower is a great opportunity for investors because it can provide energy at a low cost. However, before you invest in Ukraine, make sure you understand the government's policies.


Investment protection is a central feature of Ukrainian investment treaties. There are 16 such agreements - including those with Belgium and Luxembourg, France, Iran, Korea, and the Netherlands - that protect investors from both direct and indirect expropriation, as well as nationalisation. Furthermore, Ukraine has ratified the OFID Treaty and the Vienna BIT, which both guarantee free transfer of investment returns to investors. The above factors make investing in Ukraine an attractive option for foreign investors.


The Ukrainian government has been actively attracting foreign investment, but the country is not yet awash in foreign money. Currently, the country is only attracting a tiny percentage of the world's investment. This is largely due to poor infrastructure, strong vested interests, and a weak protection of property rights. Meanwhile, the conflict with Russia continues to impede greater foreign investment. The conflict has damaged the country's rail system and mines, and the situation in Crimea is particularly bleak.

Currency control rules

While Ukraine's foreign exchange regulations are fairly restrictive, the National Bank of Ukraine has taken steps to ease the restrictions on local businesses. As of 2021, Ukrainian businesses will be allowed to buy foreign currencies up to EUR 100,000 a day, with no need to justify the purchases with contractual obligations or other supporting documents to their account banks. The NBU also plans to gradually lift the requirement for justification for the purchase of foreign currency.

State support for investment projects with significant investments in Ukraine

Currently, the state supports several large-scale investment projects in Ukraine. However, the level of state support should not exceed 30% of the total investment in an investment project. Moreover, the government must approve the investment project before it can proceed. The application process for state support for investment projects should be submitted at least three months before the actual project begins. In addition, the government should approve the project in the form of a special investment agreement.

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